Monday, October 23, 2006

Cabin Fever

Friday October 13th brought Buffalo some early and rather unwelcome winter weather. A warm lake provided an otherwise mild storm with the extra fodder to weigh down tree branches to the point of breaking. Which a few too many of them did. Causing massive power outtages across several counties. The situation is still not recovered from - some are still without power- and others have unstable power. Many schools are still closed and roads are still in need of clearing from tree debris. The roads that are clear are full of tree clearing services from all over the place and some tired county workers and some ever MORE tired electric guys. With every natural disaster, there have been stories of great giving and communities pulling together, as well, unfortuately, as stories of the scumb of the earth who take advantage of those in need with their ugly rip off schemes. Too, the incessant chatter on the news and radio of all the details of the clean up, FEMA, insurance, who will get money from where for what etc, etc, etc... Although this is nothing compared to most other disasters, it has still been a trial and will continue to be for probably several years to come. I can only image how much worse Katrina's aftermath has been for those who lived there. Even though I have had my fill of what's on the news, it's still the first question out of my mouth "How did you weather the storm?". I think there was supposed to be a point to my story. No matter how miserable everyone has been after all this, they are still dancing in the streets because the SABRES TOTALLY ROCK!! Oh and isn't nice to know that your family and neighbors care enough to share a generator to hook up to your sump pump!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Molly's World

We adopted a dog in March, knowing that it would make for a few lifestyle changes. Several of them have been things we weren't expecting. We figured on the yard cleaning, dog food, and hair to be cleaned up from everywhere. We figured on the wagging tail to greet you at the door and the wet nose sniffing for crumbs under the table. And even how very much the boys would love her. What we didn't figure on was how having to walk her around the block half a dozen times a day (our yard is not fenced in, and she won't do all her duties on her chain) would enhance or knowledge of the neighborhood. So far, we've received four gifts from neighbors that we have never more than waved to in the past ten years of living here. One gave us a pooper scooper - see earlier story on why that item is SO wonderful - another has given up both dog treats and dog food - her dog is allergic to everything and is currently on a seafood and sweet potato diet - and just today, a neighbor fall cleaning his garden, gave us some bulbs to plant next spring. We have running chit chat with several others and get to play with the two puppies around the corner. We have taken walks pretty regularly in the years before this March, but once and evening and usually running after biking kids. So, thanks to Molly, we're getting to know our neighbors better and I find I like this town even more than I did before. Oh, and the other gift we received was a large load of dirt from the nice fellows who have been putting the water line in throughout town. One of the few times my husband has ever really appreciated my friendly chatty behavior!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Bad name

I just read an e-mail from a friend that was supposed to be taken in a good light toward God fearing Christians, but instead, it has the oppostie effect. A man sent an e-mail to the ABC network to complain about the TV show "The Pratice"(obviously a dated e-mail). He didn't like that they seemed to be promoting a gay life style with a show about a woman who wanted to marry her partner and was suing for the right to do so. He claimed that God and Jesus were gay bashers and that ABC should check the Bible for the proper way to view life. ABC's response was simple - that perhaps this man should try reading the Constitution where freedom is what is considered important. They told him he was the minority in this country and he should stop using the Bible as a crutch for his narrow-minded, self-righteous, and bigoted views. This "Chirstian" responded that ABC would get theirs when he sent the e-mail on to everyone proving how wrong they are. It is people like this that get our country bombed. People who think that because they read the Bible and attend a church on Sunday they can behave in any manor they like at any time and still be "good christians". It shames me to be living in a nation where this type of person is considered normal. How is it possible in this day and age for so many people to still be so blind to reality? That popular question What Would Jesus Do? seems to be asked not by the christians who think they already know the answer, but by the christians who truly want to know the answer. This country is filled with so many truly wonderful, giving, loving, understanding and compassionate people, but it's the idoit's like this that get all the press time, making others view this entire country in a horrible light. It overwhelms me with sadness knowing so much bigotry still exsists.