Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crabby Mama!

Why is it that stepping on a Lego in every room of the house makes me fly into a rage?! I have banned TV, DS and Computer for at least the rest of today and possibly longer depending on how well the boys clean! I am the only person who cleans this house and I am no longer willing to be! I'm not the one who pees on the toilet! The Lego's aren't my toys! The new heater for the downstairs bathroom doesn't need to be left on my dining room sideboard! The weather is colder and sweatshirts and heavy coats are all over my kitchen! Laundry baskets are so full they reach the basement ceiling! I am about to go on strike, except that I have to finish cooking potatoes to take to our sister church whom we are serving dinner to today! I hate when I get in whiny crabby mama mode!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have to admit to having an obsessive nature. Well, at least when it comes to movies and chocolate. Once I find something I like, I can't stop watching (eating) it! After going to see Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one), I became so obsessed with Johnny Depp that had to watch almost every movie he has made. It drove my husband crazy. My current obsession is Bollywood. The movie Jodhaa Akbar in particular. A lovely epic about an Indian Emperor in the 1550's who marries a princess to form an alliance, and they fall madly in love! The actress is one of my fav's, but the leading man was new to me. I, of course, am now going through all of his movies - which is quite a feat, considering Bollywood movies average 3 hours or more, and I am working 3 jobs (the housework is getting neglected!). I find myself waiting till everyone is out of the house so I can sit alone re- watching the same scenes, sighing and smiling. I even bought the CD, despite not being able to understand the lyrics! Sigh, wish I had someone to share this with.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dreaming of NYC

I dreamt I was in NYC last night! I dreamt I was eating a piece of white pizza (even thought the price had gone up to $6 per slice!). Then I dreamt I was at the Cupcake Cafe slobbering all over the cupcake I was eating! I unfortunately woke before I made it to Chinatown to shop for purses! Sigh! I think I need a trip to the city!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Me?

Okay, so I've started my third part-time job. When I said I would take it, the lady who will be my boss did a happy dances Oh, how very nice (I guess that filing and paper shredding was really tedious!)! And according to one of the half a dozen people I met today, she is being doing more happy dances! Still very nice! I did some training today, I'm not feeling too overwhelmed yet. So far it's stuff I can understand. Did some work from home to make sure the connections were working right and such. Somehow my boss made the comment "That's because you're so calm." I laughed and said, "Who me?" "Yes, that's one of the reasons I like you, because you're so calm." I refrained from snorting in her ear and am still trying to digest someone could honestly refer to me that way! My husband's reaction to this story was "Who You?I guess you're getting calmer in your old age." Gee thanks honey!
Sometimes you're life is so full of blessings that it's all you can do not to skip everywhere while laughing gleefully!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Okay, so I have two jobs on top of being a mom and wife, and I have just been offered a third. Should be easy, and possibly short term. I'll have to dress nice (yeah!), go downtown Buffalo (fun!), and pay for parking (yuck). However, it means that I will have to stop taking my grandmother's best friend out, once every two weeks, to run her errands. But we're planning a trip to Disney in May, I have a credit card I'd like to pay off, and Xmas is coming (not to mention my pedicure addiction that can always use funding). Does it make me a bad person to think "WoHoo! This could be so fun! I finally feel like I could be an adult with a real job!(part-time temporarily)" Or should I feel guilty for leaving an 88 year old woman to her own defenses? Got any suggestions?

Sunday, October 05, 2008 my computer trying to stay awake

Smelling... the toast ready for my fluffanutter sandwich

Drinking... ice cold water - soon chocolate milk

Reading... about to start "Too Close to the Falls"

Loving... the gorgeous fall colors out my window

Eagerly anticipating....the book I just ordered from the library, the movie from Netflix and another day to myself

Worrying.... about the state of the economy, and that my toast is now burnt because I'm still here typing

Wishing.... I had a maid who would make that sandwich for me, as well as clean the house, do the laundry and plan next weeks' meals

Praying... that the life I lead full of SOOO many blessings continues right along

Grateful...for healthy children, a loving marriage, the greatest parents, family, friends, a life full of more blessings than I have time to count little thoughts with those who care to read them

Friday, October 03, 2008

Free Cookie

You can get a free cookie from!