Sunday, December 31, 2006


I am just trying to figure out how to add pictures to my blog. This is the castle where one our favorites shows (Monarch of the Glen -avaiable at Netflix) is filmed. Great show, awesome scenery!

Scrooge wakes up

Not unlike how Dickens wrote it (was it Dickens?), I find my heart recovering from the Xmas blues! As I begin to see friends and family again after Xmas, I ask them all the same question, "Was Santa good to you?" Invariably the answer is "Oh Yeah!" or "He always is!" When asked what was the best gift, they all answer, "Getting to spend time with the family!" So even though we think all the hard work we put into finding the right gift doesn't get noticed, it does in ways we don't expect. The Joy of the Season fills my heart and I plan to hang on to it with both hands. (And if I need a vanilla vodka spiked hot cocoa every night to keep that grip, well then I guess that's what I'll have to do!) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Okay, so the presents are unwrapped and being enjoyed, now it's time to reflect on the year past and prepare for the new one. I am all for it. This year has been good. I truly have so very much to be thankful for and feel blessed even when I'm crabby and complaining! I usually don't make resolutions, because I never seem to keep them. I find I don't need to purposely add to the long list of reasons I am often disappointed in myself. However, last year I made a resolution I was able to keep and that made other people happy. It may be mundane, but the cashiers at Wegman's were vocally grateful that I chose to make sure I weighed and sticker-ed all my produce items. One girl even remembered that I had mentioned it was my resolution. She was impressed I had managed to stick to it! Anyway, with one success under my belt, I have decided to do it again. I will be doing what most of America will be doing (at least for the month of January) and focusing on loosing weight. This is something that I have been needing to do for a while and never been fully committed to. It's so much easier not to bother excising and eating whatever tickles my fancy. Well, there is just too much of my fancy to tickle these days and I am ready to be fully focused. It will not be easy, but I think I am deserving of a healthier, happier, and also more attractive self. I deserve to look in the mirror and be pleased with my reflection. This will take some inside changes as well. So, I will be making a second resolution this year. I have already chosen to live my life in a positive light, leaving negativity out of my day to day as much as possible. When it isn't possible, and I get frustrated or really crabby, I tend to use inappropriate language. My goal to to drastically reduce the usage of "four letter words". Wish me luck and let me know what your resolutions will be this year!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bah Humbug!

I hate this time of year. It's no wonder suicides increase this time of year! People finally get around to wrapping the presents they have spent SO much time planning, shopping for, money on and aggravation getting, and now they look like nothing. From like October, when you might have a little extra $ and think "now might be a good time to buy for Xmas so that stupid month with 5 weeks (and therefore, bills are received twice) won't crush me", til 2 days before when you get around to wrapping, it all seems to be enough. Then it's wrapped and it looks like 2 boxes of nothing that anyone would ever want. It really is more than the most hardly of spirits can handle. No one really wants to be a Grinch, so we watch all the Holiday TV specials and listen to Xmas carroles(singing along) and wish complete strangers everywhere a Merry Xmas. Then we look under the tree and feel like failures. Is it just me, or just this country? Or has the whole world become so focused on the size of the giving, and not the emotion behind the gift? Is it the media that makes us loose sight of the "reason for the season", or is it human nature to compete in everything, including presents? It's not just that there is so much extra food that we overeat and gain 2 pounds each Holiday season, it's the depression we suffer from finding and giving the perfect gift for too many people that makes us crave instant gratification in sugary foods. I guess those 3 Wise Men weren't so wise after all. Come and pay your respects to your king, but next time, skip the gift giving so generations of people don't have to suffer.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Greeting Cards

The hoildays are here and with them come many things, good and bad. One of the good is getting Xmas cards! It is so fun to receive snail mail that isn't a bill or another credit card application or some hideous catalog you would never buy from! The variety is SO big. There are the humorous ones with reindeer doing inappropriate things, the religious ones, the ones you can tell cost 50 cents for 900 at the dollar store and home made ones. Home made come in the Martha Stewart crafty self-made, the photo shop or the holiday letter. I love the photos, which is why I chose to do that for us every year. There are many people on our list that we don't get to see and they enjoy seeing how the kids have grown. This wasn't too hard a decision to make dispite the crafty history of card making in the family. I'm the one who can't draw. My mother took up what my great-grandfather Seedy started and draws her card every year. Everyone in the family is represented and the image is always fun! This has several down sides, but she overcomes that every year too. My brother and my cousin Kim also draw their cards. We receive only a couple of cards with letters - luckily none are boring! My friend gingersnapspice 's is so clever, it's as looked forward to as my mother's! After the card has been read, my mother started a tradition of hanging the cards around the livingroom entrance way. It is a lovely way to display them and a good way to know how popular you are! And finally, when the decorations come down, the card fronts are separated from the backs and used as labels for next years Xmas presents! So many good things from a small piece of folded paper!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


My brother-in-law came through his surgery with flying colors. It looks like they got all the cancer and that it has not spread! he is a little sore and groggy, but feeling good. He will be able to go home in 6 or 7 days! Thank you for your prayers! Thank you God for answering them!

Up too early

I am only writing today because most of the household is up too early. My husband was up extra early on a day off, to go pick up his mother, take her to breakfast and then to the hospital where his brother Bob is having a kidney, with a cancerous tumor on it, removed. The dog decided that the moment (5:15am) Joe closed the door, was a good time to get up, need to go out, and be feed. And the moment I was about to open the door to accoplish the first of these tasks (5:30am) was when my son Lucas decided it was time to come downstairs. He doesn't need to be up, however, until 7am to be able to eat breakfast, get dressed, brush his teeth and catch the bus at 7:40. Since he is happily watching Polar Express, the dog is back to sleep and the other son is thankfully still asleep, I thought I'd vent. It is amazing how even though they haven't a clue what's up, the dog and the 6 year old can sense something isn't right and somehow feel the worry that is filling the air. It one of those moments when 7 years of college and a medical degree would help ease the panic of the unknown. Usually, this type of thing doesn't shake me to the core - just a simple surgery, nothing to worry about. But Bob has so much to loose if things go wrong. He kids wouldn't remember him, his wife ... I can't even express how horrible it would be for her. And Joe has already lost one sibling to cancer. It would just be REALLY bad for so many people. Keep them and us in your prayers please.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Shaken, not stirred

I am more than willing to admit I am a James Bond fan. Enough so, that I have even tried reading one of Sir Ian Fleming's books, but found the excruciating details a tad boring. (I may need to try again considering that was 16 years ago!) I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newest movie. No, the blond hair didn't bother me - it did make me want to learn more about Daniel Craig - if they chose him, he must be good, what else has he done. That is just the sort of train of thought that leads me to seeing movies no one else does and having lots of useless knowledge. I did find he was worth watching - dispite some odd scripts and was all the more eager to see the newest verion of Casino Royale. I was finally able to see it last night and was definately NOT disappointed!! Less polish, more grit, but all still pure Bond. Usually a Bond movie is fun and quickly forgotten, this one seems to lingure. I'd go see it again at full price. It's the longest Bond ever filmed, and you hardly notice. I am now looking forward to owning it!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Gifts of...

This is the time of year when it hits me with tsumnai force that I have a long list of people to purchase for, a small budget to do it with and no clue what I need to shop for! There are so many ways to find the perfect gift, many new avenues to help. There is a commercial for some internet site where they will help you choose something by having you describe the person you are trying to buy for. How helpful. The fact of the matter is the only perfect gifts aren't things that can get wrapped with a fancy bow. The gift of life, the gift of love and the gift of health. Happiness might make that list, but that is really more of a personal choice. Love is something very giveable, but not really package-able. Life is giveable as long as you are will to be responsible for the results for many years to come. Twice is good for me! Health may be givable if I was a doctor, which I am not, and it is certainly not a guarenteed product or something one might wrap. So that leaves me to the rat race of shopping with the hoards of Buffalonians trying to find the items that no one really needs, but it might put a smile on the face of their loved one, while not putting them in debt up to their eyeballs. Good luck shoppers!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Problem or Inconvience?

I had a wonderful conversation with my great good friend Lisa yesterday in which she shared a new perspective on life. Is it a problem or an inconvience? She told me a story of a woman eating in a restaurant with a woman behind her complaining so much about her mashed potatoes that they got sent back to the kitchen 3 times. The first woman had across the room from her a third woman, older, and with numbers tatooed on her arm. That woman was telling a story of being the only member of her family to survive the holocust. Problem or inconvience. Later yesterday evening, I received a phone call from my sister-in-law telling me her younger brother Bob had been given the news that he had a cancerous tumor on his kidney. I , in turn, made some phone calls to my husband in California(who wasn't there), the lady in charge of the prayer chain at our church, and another of Joe's brothers - who would be getting the prayer chain call and probably shouldn't get the news from there. I then had to call the wife of the brother-in-law who was home alone with a 22 month and 2 month old on her husbands first day back to work after a 2 months of being laid off. She said it seemed like this was not her life. Surreal and scarey. However, hopeful with promising outlooks from the doctors. I was then able to reach my husband and share the news. While on the phone with Joe, there was hysterical screaming and crying coming from Andrew in the shower. I was informed loudly, thru tears and shower walls that Lucas was a mean, mean liar who had stolen Andrew's favorite pair of stripped underwear out of is drawer, bragged he had them on and claimed they were in his drawer. I tried to appease with the pair that were actually in Lucas' drawer, but it didn't seem to help. Joe is snorting with laugther miles away from the drama! Once the dust settled and apologizes were made, we agreed Mommy would be responible for dolling out the underwear and lying would cease.("Telling the truth is hard!"-sob cry pout). Problem or inconvience. So, I ask for prayers for my brother-in-law and his whole family and that if you find Hanes boxer briefs size S(6-8) with stripes, purchase them and mail them to me and I'll pay you double!

Friday, November 10, 2006


I got my first unwanted comment today. Another internet advertisement. As if the pop-ups and ads on every web page weren't enough. Now they have invaded my poor little blog! Nothing will make me as mad as when I got spywared! I was just too premenstral to handle it politely. Thank heaven my brother knows me well enough and calmed me down and helped me fix those evil doers! However, the past month I have received 3 phone calls a day from various people (Laura Bush, Jim Kelly, political morons) trying to get my vote - this of course only made me not vote for them. I got a call on the Fri the 13th when we had the big storm that took out power to everyone in WNY. I flipped on the poor woman. She says "This is so and so calling for Jack Davis.." I replied (in a very nasty tone). "You have got to be kidding me! We have no power and you want to talk about politics! GET A LIFE!!" and slammed down the phone. My husbands says "Who was that dear?" (in a pleasant tone). I fummed about how f***ing stupid politicians are. Unfortunately they didn't get the point. I did get a live person taking a survey on ads and phone calls, who was looking for commentary - boy did she get some! Sigh. If people didn't purchase from this irrating ads they wouldn't have any reason to continue them! Stop the madness!! (he he)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Don't make 'em like they used to

I have my grandmother's Black & Decker toaster oven, that must be a good 15 years old. It has been a very nice little toaster oven. It has the occasional bad day and forgets to stop toasting, but it still gets a 41/2 out of 5 stars. Sadly, this mightly little appliance is on it's last leg. If I didn't use it constantly, it would already be in the garbage. It's really almost frightening to use. However, it's not just the sentimental value and the necessity factors that have me hanging on to the poor old thing. It's the fact that finding a replacement is proving to be FAR more difficult than I could have imagined. I am well aware that things aren't made to last the way they used to be. Just ask my sister-in-law Karen about the evilness of fridge life! But I figured that a toaster oven could be found at a reasonable price that was well made. I looked at the ones in Walmart and was not impressed. I decided to do more research on-line. Boy, some of the reviews are scathing! And most seem to say that the oven feature is good, but the toasting feature is not. If they could make good ones that lasted 20 years ago, why can't they do that any more? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Argh! Any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Will wonders never cease

Last night upon going to bed, I turned on my bedside table lamp, which revealed a note written on a tissure (readily available on the bedside table). The note said: I heart u. I knew who had written it, but not when. My lovely 6 year old son (yes male) Lucas had left it for me. He likes to leave little notes. Even before he could actually write words he would scrible lines on a paper and tuck it in my purse or my husband's shoe. This same child took my husband's wallet without asking and put it under his pillow for the toothfairy. After the panic and the stern discussion on why this was not a good thing to do, the thought did occur that this was yet another sweet jesture. My mother says she frequently finds trains, trucks and other little toys tucked in cupboards and closets after Lucas has been there. Andrew's precious stuffed dog Dudley has been secreted away as well. It is frequently vexing, but more often very enduring. I shall really regret the day he out grows this. I honestly hope he never does and should make a point of encouraging it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Cabin Fever

Friday October 13th brought Buffalo some early and rather unwelcome winter weather. A warm lake provided an otherwise mild storm with the extra fodder to weigh down tree branches to the point of breaking. Which a few too many of them did. Causing massive power outtages across several counties. The situation is still not recovered from - some are still without power- and others have unstable power. Many schools are still closed and roads are still in need of clearing from tree debris. The roads that are clear are full of tree clearing services from all over the place and some tired county workers and some ever MORE tired electric guys. With every natural disaster, there have been stories of great giving and communities pulling together, as well, unfortuately, as stories of the scumb of the earth who take advantage of those in need with their ugly rip off schemes. Too, the incessant chatter on the news and radio of all the details of the clean up, FEMA, insurance, who will get money from where for what etc, etc, etc... Although this is nothing compared to most other disasters, it has still been a trial and will continue to be for probably several years to come. I can only image how much worse Katrina's aftermath has been for those who lived there. Even though I have had my fill of what's on the news, it's still the first question out of my mouth "How did you weather the storm?". I think there was supposed to be a point to my story. No matter how miserable everyone has been after all this, they are still dancing in the streets because the SABRES TOTALLY ROCK!! Oh and isn't nice to know that your family and neighbors care enough to share a generator to hook up to your sump pump!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Molly's World

We adopted a dog in March, knowing that it would make for a few lifestyle changes. Several of them have been things we weren't expecting. We figured on the yard cleaning, dog food, and hair to be cleaned up from everywhere. We figured on the wagging tail to greet you at the door and the wet nose sniffing for crumbs under the table. And even how very much the boys would love her. What we didn't figure on was how having to walk her around the block half a dozen times a day (our yard is not fenced in, and she won't do all her duties on her chain) would enhance or knowledge of the neighborhood. So far, we've received four gifts from neighbors that we have never more than waved to in the past ten years of living here. One gave us a pooper scooper - see earlier story on why that item is SO wonderful - another has given up both dog treats and dog food - her dog is allergic to everything and is currently on a seafood and sweet potato diet - and just today, a neighbor fall cleaning his garden, gave us some bulbs to plant next spring. We have running chit chat with several others and get to play with the two puppies around the corner. We have taken walks pretty regularly in the years before this March, but once and evening and usually running after biking kids. So, thanks to Molly, we're getting to know our neighbors better and I find I like this town even more than I did before. Oh, and the other gift we received was a large load of dirt from the nice fellows who have been putting the water line in throughout town. One of the few times my husband has ever really appreciated my friendly chatty behavior!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Bad name

I just read an e-mail from a friend that was supposed to be taken in a good light toward God fearing Christians, but instead, it has the oppostie effect. A man sent an e-mail to the ABC network to complain about the TV show "The Pratice"(obviously a dated e-mail). He didn't like that they seemed to be promoting a gay life style with a show about a woman who wanted to marry her partner and was suing for the right to do so. He claimed that God and Jesus were gay bashers and that ABC should check the Bible for the proper way to view life. ABC's response was simple - that perhaps this man should try reading the Constitution where freedom is what is considered important. They told him he was the minority in this country and he should stop using the Bible as a crutch for his narrow-minded, self-righteous, and bigoted views. This "Chirstian" responded that ABC would get theirs when he sent the e-mail on to everyone proving how wrong they are. It is people like this that get our country bombed. People who think that because they read the Bible and attend a church on Sunday they can behave in any manor they like at any time and still be "good christians". It shames me to be living in a nation where this type of person is considered normal. How is it possible in this day and age for so many people to still be so blind to reality? That popular question What Would Jesus Do? seems to be asked not by the christians who think they already know the answer, but by the christians who truly want to know the answer. This country is filled with so many truly wonderful, giving, loving, understanding and compassionate people, but it's the idoit's like this that get all the press time, making others view this entire country in a horrible light. It overwhelms me with sadness knowing so much bigotry still exsists.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my wonderful son Andrew! He turns eight years old today! I can't believe how grown up he is already. He makes me so proud and I am so lucky to have him! Andrew shares his birthday with Google - who also turns eight today! If that's not a sign of good things to come then I don't know what is! I love you Andrew!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

2 Babies & 2 Weddings

Being married to a man with 9 siblings has many benefits. I am quite lucky to actually like my in-laws, whereas so many people I know can't even look at theirs! One of the benefits, there is usually someone in the family who can help with whatever it is you need. Accounting, noterizing, bulldozing, and definately pouring cement! That hardly compares, however, to the great recipes, advice, babysitting, and plain old lending a hand that is always available. But, by far, my favorite thing about a big family is the big amount of celebrating you get to do. Currently we are celebrating the arrival of nephew Noah Daniel Stoffel, born Sept.19th to Dana & Bob; awaiting the arrival of a great-neice or nephew due in April to Jennifer & TJ; the wedding of Annie and Henry November 18th, 2006; and the wedding of Sara and Mike July 18th, 2008! So much to look forward to, so many reasons to buy a new dress(or maybe just shoes!) and to shop for baby things! HOORAY for big families!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fall Season

I love this time of year. Not just for the quiet of the house with the kids back in school, nor for the incredible beauty of the changing foliage. Not just for the fact I have been able to wear my new and totally favorite coat ever! But because it is the beginning of a new season of TV shows. Yes, I realize I appear to be obsessed with visual entertainment, and it's not to far from the truth. I do include reading - and can often be caught reading a book and watching sereval TV shows at the same time. (no, I do not have ADD). House MD is a fav - so good my hubby will watch it with me and is thrilled at the 8 pm start time, so he can still get to bed early. Looking forward to Grey's Anatomy and our guilty pleasures America's New Top Model & Desperate Housewives. But am also hopeful for a couple of others starting soon : Studio 60 by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame and possibly Men in Trees or Brothers & Sisters. Some of the ones that look the most interesting never get off the ground, some never find an audience even though they deserve it, and some will fizzle out fast because the writers burn out quick. If I could only find a way to make a profit out of my love of entertainment, not only would I truly love the job, but my husband might learn to appreciate my narrow scope of knowledge!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

History of Kissing in Movies

So we were watching a recommended movie last night. "Darby O'Gill and the Little People'. Definately worth watching, if for no other reason than to hear Sean Connery sing with a full head of black hair blowing in the breeze. ( that dude's got to be made about going bald after that head of hair!) There is a short, but sweet whooper of a kiss which got me thinking. Just what is the history of kissing in movies? From Valentino as the Shiek to the upside-down in the rain kiss in Spiderman (which Toby McGuire said was well worth the water up his nose). MTV has their own award for the best on screen kiss (The Lakehouse won this year) and frequently on screen action is brought up in interviews (usually when the actor is married to the director who is filming a love scene with some other actor). There is even an italian movie about on screen kisses (EVXTREMELY worth seeing!) Cinema Paradiso (sp?) where the town priest edits the kissing out of the movie before the town is allowed to view it. Kisses are usually a climatic part of a film - yes!finally the characters are together - or they can be sad goodbyes or celebrations of achievement. Mimicing real life but always managing to appear more specatacular. So what's your favorite on screen kiss and why? Mine? sigh, I could never choose! Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Working Girl , Princess Bride, Dear Frankie, Persuasion, For Love of the Game, To Have and to Have Not, .... the list goes on and could include TV but we just don't have the time or space.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

91 Pine Street

The house I grew up in ( 2nd grade and up) was located at 91 Pine street. Great house, lots of character, neighborhood full of kids around my age and in a great town. (Thanks lots Mom & Dad!) I haven't lived in that house for 11 years, and yet wherever I dream anything that has to do with a house, it's always there. I didn't dream about the house while I lived there, but the minute I moved out, I started. It boggles me a bit. Do I just have a lasting attachment? (understandable) or is it something else? Will I dream about the house I live in now if and when we move? Does this happen to other people? What about people who move frequently? I often have a dream I wish I could understand better. I have nightmares about public restrooms, and still have bad dreams about school. There is so very much of the brain that is unknown.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Anticipation (yes, I do have the song running through my head). Anticipation of what comes tomorrow. For my boys, it means a back to school with a new teacher and classmates. Lucas moves to the second floor and looses nap time. Andrew moves to the third floor , gets a locker for the first time and gets to have science class with Cool Mr. David! And me, I will finally have more than a couple of minutes quiet around the house. Giving me time to truly clean and nap and stare at the walls. Of course, this will have to be sandwiched between working 2 days a week, lunching and errand running with an elderly friend once a week, taking care of a dog who really would be much happier if I could put her in a papoose and take her everywhere and doing the normal household things like laundry, cooking, getting the oil changed in all 3 vechiles and preparing for the upcoming winter months! ( all three boys need new boots, pants and 1 needs a yellow winter coat). So, for the hubby, tomorrow is just another work day, for the boys, it's a new school year, and for me, it's the window of opportunity to blissful solitude! Feeling like Greta Garbo anyone? ( "I vant to be left alone.")

Thursday, August 31, 2006


How is it that we can find other people's misfortunes so amusing? I'm not talking the "lost my house and dog in a hurricane" misfortunes, but the " it's been terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day" kind of misfortunes. My darling husband told me a story that had me laughing to tears, very much to his annoyance. He took a plastic bag (which I had a premonition about, but put in the bag holder anyway) with him when he took our dog Molly out for walk a few weeks ago. He does (or rather didn't) like to use the lovely pooper- scooper- thing a friendly neighbor gave us - took much extra to carry. Anyway, he needed to use the bag to clean up Molly's mess and was very displeased to find it had a hole in it. (My premonition coming true, making me realize that I really should listen every time I have thoughts like that). He came storming back up the driveway only to have a bird poop on him . The rather angry face and the utterly remarkable story of misfortune was vastly amusing to me(and still is). This did not make my husband feel better. But as I could not stop laughing for several minutes and tried mightly to convey that I was "SO sorry" through the chortling, he did eventually find the humor in it himself. So perhaps, that is why misfortune is amusing to others, to help those who are dealing with it find the humor in it too, eventually. (I didn't mention my premonition and recomend that if you find yourself in a similar situtation, that you don't either.)

Sunday, August 27, 2006


If you ask most people who have known me for a long time about my new job, they will laugh and say that it's probably the last job they would have ever picture me having. My brother is highly disappointed that my head hasn't exploded. I certainly never figured that one day I would be a church secretary. But, I am finding that not only do I truly enjoy what I'm doing, but I seem to be just the right person for this job. It probably has a great deal to do with the fact that I have fallen in love with our church. It took me by surprise several years ago when we started attending this church. I had always felt uncomfortable and out of place in a church setting, and for the first time, I really enjoyed the whole church going experience. I found myself getting more and more invovled with all sorts of activites. However, for the last few years we have had a pastor that was not to my (or most of the church member's) fancy. 2 weeks ago a new pastor arrived. I had been getting to know her - from the secretary stand point - through e-mails and had great hope she would be just what we needed. It's alot of pressure on someone to be everything a church needs, but today, today there was laughter in the pews. A sound that has been missing from our services for FAR too long. If this is all the good that happens(which I just KNOW it won't be) it is really great. It's still surprises me how much of a family this congregation has become to me, it truly filled my heart with joy to hear the sound of their laughter. I look forward to it happening again very soon and with much greater frequency.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I love movies. Really love movies. I'll watch almost anything. I dislike horror or really creepy movies, but I've even seen a fair share of those. I like when movies have a good effect on your mood. Laughter really is a powerful medicine. I like when movies get you thinking. Who would you sleep with for $1 million dollars? What if you could erase parts of your memory? Can men and women truly be just friends? I love the whole process of movies. I like going to the theatre, eating popcorn and reacting along with a group of strangers. I like receiving them in the mail and being comfy on the couch to watch them. I love watching award shows and reading reviews. I like introducing different things to my kids. Who would have thought they would really get into a Bollywood musical with subtitles and a romantic plot? How can you not love their hysterical laughter at The Batman Movie? But sometimes a movie hits you below the belt. Usually it's when your mood is low or reflective. Sometimes is makes you wonder who you are, why you do what you do, and whether or not you can really consider yourself a good person. Sometimes it makes you truly appreciate the life you have, really see all your blessings. And sometimes it just makes you remember what it was like when your life was in a similar place. I've become the type of person who is focused on not purposely adding negative things to her life. I am trying to choose to look at things in a positive light. It's hardly as though I will never complain, or refuse to see that there is alot wrong in the world, but I will not go out and read or watch things that will purposely be adding to the already to many evil images stored in my memory. It's not naive, just trying to choose being happy. Because happy really is a choice.

Monday, August 21, 2006


So why is it some people love sweet wine and others can't stand it? After spending a rather nice weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake, known for it's "Ice Wine" I wonder this all the more. Ice wine is made after a 7 degree day (usually January), when the water in the grape freezes and they are able to extract just the fruit juice. This makes for a great deal of sweetness and a very limited harvest. Small bottles at large prices being snapped up by those who adore it. So why can I picture being able to live my life quite happily without ever having to taste it again and there are large groups pf people who think the opposite? Is it the genetic make of of my tongue or merely a preference? I enjoy sweet things, namely chocolate (in almost any form), and even frequently crave them. Why not this? It really isn't a life altering question, more of a curious pondering. I would love to see stasitics on this. Maybe I'll search the web, answers abound there.

Friday, August 11, 2006

What ever happened to manners?

What is wrong with people today? A large group of obviously extremely angry people decided to devise a way to make a bomb while on their flight from London to JFK. Which has them in jail for life and me unable to take mascara with me on my flight to NYC tomorrow. It's just so damn rude! What purpose does it serve to blow up a plane while you're on it? What do these really angry people actaully hope to gain? World domination? Spiritual peace? A big smelly mess? What were their parents doing while they were raising these desperately- in- need- of- anger- managment- classes kids? I mean even major sickos like Jeffery Dahmer accomplished more pain that keeping the world from being able to travel with their shampoo bottles. And what happened to the "Rules of Engagement"? The Japanese had enough honor to attack a military base when they decided we americans were all evil and needed to be wiped off the planet. Lack of good parenting is causing so many more problems than the death of chivalry. Etiquitte Schools need to be brought back and set up all over the world. Teaching people to disagree in a civilized manner. Teaching people to simply say, "I may find everything about who and what you are completely repulsive, but you are not causing me, my family or frankly anyone harm, so go about you creepy business."
Sigh. If only people could just lighten up!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why is it...

Why is it that when you're really tired and all settled in to sleep, your brain starts racing through the long list of things that need to be done upon waking the next day, totally keeping you from actually falling asleep? Why haven't they invented an on and off switch for just such an occasion? Or a mute button for your children? Or wouldn't it be nice if you could hit an "undo" button for those little mistakes. Scientists come up with lots of cool helpful things, why can't they get a little more practical and solve the everyday aggrevations that keep us from remaining sane? Is it just TOO much to ask?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The company she keeps

The thing about having company, is that it's as nice to have them there as it is to have them leave. And it depends on the company, how long it take before you are ready for their departure. Sometimes it's merely moments, others it could take months. However, having you house back to yourself is always a welcome relief. All the cleaning, preparing, cooking and entertaining was all worth the aftermath of lounging alone on the couch and not having to close the bathroom door ! It's not just me, the hostess, who feels this either. The boys are glad not to be sharing politely, the husband is pleased to get back to tooling around and even the dog flops over on her bed with a loud sigh, glad all the work is done! Time to start planning the next visit!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Worm Race

I was flipping through the Penny Saver, not expecting to find anything (as usual) when I came across an ad for a "Worm Race". 5th annual at Louie's Lounge, worms will be available or you can bring your own. Hot dogs and hamburgers provided. I said, "We SOO need to go to that!" And we did. I have never laughed so hard with complete strangers in my life. I'm not sure if my boys had more fun than I did. They both came in 2nd place and earned $10 (it was $5 a worm to enter, a tad steep in my book, but far too late to get out of by then). The fun continued for at least week. Starting with discussions of what type of worm they would look for next year as we drove away, to telling all our family and friends we had been to a Worm Race, and finally to spending the winnings on new toys! This is a prime example of how my life usually goes. Something different turns out to be great, my husband even grudingly agreed this was fun. So that's the reason behind the name of the blog. Like anyone really cares, but hey, who needs them to anyway!