Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oscar Beauty Tips from the Ellen Show

Another tip that I thought was good to know. Visine doesn't just get the red out of your eyes, it can take the red out of your blemish! How very handy! The beautician lady on Ellen also said that a slice of raw potato is better than the slice of cucumber to reduce puff eyes and that a paste made from lemon juice and a crushed aspirin will remove zits! Oh La La!

Follow the trend

You know those hideous rubbery-looking clog things with holes in them that everyone is wearing? In my search to find a pair of slipper I don't despise, I got desperate and decided to try a pair of the clogs. A $6 red pair from Dollar General. They aren't rubber, they are foam, so they are very light. They are also as comfortable as they are hideous. Therefore, very! My boys decided they loved them and needed some of their own! I'm not usually one to follow a trend, however, I think that sometimes all those people are actually on to something. Does this mean I need to buy a pair of the equally hideous Ugg Boots?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Household Tips

I have been wanting to do a Tips Blog for a while, but was lacking enough material to do one. I love hearing ideas on how to keep things organized or make cleaning easier. So PLEASE give me LOTS of feed back!

1. Those blue dryer balls advertised on TV really do work! I still use a dryer sheets with towels, but it shaved 20 minutes off the time to dry my husbands jeans!
2. Like to moisterize with baby oil post-shower-pre-towel, but hate smelling like a baby? Make your own. Get an oil version of your favorite scent (I found my Victoria' Secret scent on E-bay for $.99 with $1 shipping) and add as many drops as it takes til you like it to a cheap bottle of mineral oil ($.79 at Wegman's). It's a bit thicker than baby oil, but that's a good thing and I smell great!
3. To help keep all your matching sheets together, fold both sheet and one pillowcase and put them inside the other pillowcase. Then everything is very neat and all in one place! ( if your sheets don't match, who cares!)
4.Left over coffee in the pot? Add water and pour it on plants. They love the extra minerals!
5.I haven't tried this but I plan to do so this summer. Place a dryer sheet in your pocket to keep the mosquitoes away!
6.Baby/bridal showers - buy thank you cards in advance. Give the envelopes to each guest and have them fill out their address. These can then be used to give out door prizes as well - no will get missed!
7. I haven't tried this one either, but it sounds interesting. Take a small bottle of baby powder to the beach. When you are ready to leave sprinkle it on to take the sand off.
8. Put a mini marshmellow at the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent the ice cream from leaking.
9. A small bowl of vinegar absorbs cooking odors, like bacon or liver with onions!
10. Those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are totally awesome! Cleans everything from crayon on the wall to dirt on sneakers!
Hope this helps and I look forward to more tips!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Things I love...

In honor of Valentine's Day (a little late) here are a few things I love: 1. My Dad, Happy 60th Birthday Daddy! 2. A snow day that my husband stays home for and helps change the sheets on the beds. 3.Having a snow day that I manage to get lots accomplished. 4. Ziploc BIG bags! 5. Being in the middle of a good book. 6. Being strong enough to help my husband bring the pellet stove in the house. 7. Getting to go out to dinner because I didn't feel like cooking after all the other stuff I got done today! 8.How nice my livingroom is looking! What are some things you love?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Another Snow Day

I was looking forward to today. It was to be a day at my pace; get the kids on the bus, walk the dog, get ready, and go shopping. No hurry, no 5 other things I needed to be doing in the next ten minutes. "Curses, foiled again!" This picture was take Sun at 7:30am, by 5:30pm there was 25 inches. There has been more falling and blowing every day since, hence the 3rd snow day this week! The boys are happy, Mommy really wanted to get stuff done all by herself. She is now searching for a solution that will make kids and self happy. The local bounce house place that won't be busy because none of the other schools are closed, or drag crabby kids with her shopping with the promise of lunch at McD's? Sigh. How one begins to depend on school to give one a few hours of freedom. Hope your friday is a good one!