Sunday, November 16, 2008


My buddy gingersnapspice posts on Sunday a week's worth of reasons to be grateful. This has been a very difficult week for me and I feel the need to copy her fine example.
1. Having friends I can call at all hours of the day and ask, "Am I stupid?" and have them reply without hesitation, "No!".
2. Having family who supports me during trouble without really knowing what the trouble is.
3. The unconditional love of my dog. (This may seem strange, but being welcomed home with a smile, even though I've just walked across the street to the mailbox, really brightens the day.)
4. That my children are healthy and happy, doing well in school and seem well on their way to being really great people in their own right.
5. Having movies and books to escape in.
6. Hope.
7. Forgiveness.


karen said...

You know you can call me for a good, "No, you're not stupid," any time of the day or night! 5am Saturday? No problem! We're probably in a hockey rink, anyway...

Fraukow said...