Friday, January 12, 2007

conversation with lucas

"Mommy, someone killed Martin Luther King Jr. They shouldn't have done that. Why did they do it?" - Lucas

"No, they shouldn't have done that. Some people think that black people shouldn't be allowed to do what white people do. And Dr King was trying to change that. That's why they shot him. It wasn't very smart, was it?"

"No! Are black people still not allowed to do things?"

"No, Dr King changed that. ALL people are allowed to all things. Black people, women, all people, just the way it should be."

"But, they still shouldn't have killed him. It's all so confusing."

"Yes, it really is confusing."

"Can I have 2 cookies?"

"Yes, you may have 2 cookies."

Let's keep them confused, so they always question the reasoning behind bigotry, terrorism and any other acts of violence and evil.


Navilyn said..., here! Am an adult now, and still don't get it!

karen said...

Our kids were diverted from MLK by "Multi-cultural Day," an event described by Lars as where you get to spend the WHOLE AFTERNOON in the GYM - the NEW gym! He couldn't have been more thrilled. I think that perhaps the celebration obscured the point?

sister k said...

2 cookies sound goo to me too! :)