Friday, November 09, 2007



It has been a while since been here! So long, I forgot how to log on! My lame excuses are : I've had nothing to say and little time to say it because I've been too busy playing in WEBKINZ! In fact I feel right now like I'm wasting precious Cash Cow time! However, I felt a need to do something more adult like this morning so...

Things I am Thankful for as the Season of Thankfulness approaches:

1. I have 2 healthy, sweet, smart boys who get spoiled with prizes when Mommy returns from Parent Teacher Conferences with great report cards and glowing reports!

2. That today is a clear day. Where none of the fog of worries, stresses and annoyances block my view of the blessings that fill my life everyday.

3. Having a talented husband who can not only make my living room into a thing of beauty, but can also make a great chocolate chip pancake!

4. Having a dog. Always coming home to a dramatic display of utter joy at your arrival is really nice. Nearly unconditional love is gratifying. (feed me and I will love you!)

5. Surprisingly unobtrusively planning 3 days worth of meals in anticipation of family being here for Turkey Day! Oh the joy of turkey day leftovers!

6. Harvey & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea!

7. Finding the type of Xmas gifts that you can't wait to give!

8. Feeling like I've justified enough that I am an adult and can now go play on WEBKINZ!

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