Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I had a rare day off yesterday. When my husband asked what I would be up to, on his way out the door, I replied, "I'm going to Walmart." He rolled his eyes, knowing the truth behind the statement. Yes, I actually went to Walmart, and I did buy a few groceries. However, the real reason I went, was for a well deserved mani-pedi! Yippee!!
While I was getting my toes done, my friend Teri (who I tried to call over the weekend to come with) called to change my hair appointment to yesterday night with my friend Bethie (who just moved to the area and was going to get her hair done with Teri for the first time). By 7pm yesterday I was one hot-looking, relaxed, smiling Mama! Bethie was just as glamorous! And we all have plans to have a day of shopping and pampering in Nov! It's those really important little things that get you through!

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karen said...

Sounds great - wish I could've joined!