Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alphabet Soup

While serving up dinner today, I noticed I had achieved a new culinary wonder quite by accident. Everything we were about to consume started with the same letter: chicken, cauliflower, corn, cucumbers, and carrots (drinks not included). We have now decided to embark on the adventure of trying to eat different letters of the alphabet. Perhaps not each night, maybe once a week. Besides zucchini, what else does one eat that starts with "Z"?


karen said...

Zebra meat?

Zamorano cheese (similar to Manchego cheese - both from Spain)

zest - outer skin of citrus fruit

Zander - large freshwater game fish found in Europe

Zabaglione - A rich, foamy Italian dessert made by whisking egg yolks, Marsala wine and sugar together over a gentle heat. It's usually served barely warm. Some versions might have the addition of fresh fruit or fruit coulis. Zabaglione is quite similar to the French sabayon.

You could also cheat by making recipes like "Zesty Chili" or something...

Fraukow said...

do they sell Zebra meat? and is it striped? and what about "Q" - quinoa and what else?

karen said...

Quiche! Quesadillas! Quark! Quail! Quarter Pounder! Anything Quick or by Quaker!

(I love this - may have to subject my own family to a trip through the alphabet, too...how far do you suppose I'd get before they figured it out, if I don't tell them ahead?)

Spice Girl said...

Ah, the games we play...I've done color nights--again, quite by accident. White, yellow, orange...
I'll have to try alphabet. Karen, I'm quite impressed with your talent. I got as far as zabaglione, but never considered zebra meat!

Joy, of course! said...

Ziti...this is something even I can cook and it goes well with Zuchini. And I guess Zinfandel is out of the question?

karen said...

Zinfandel is NOT out of the question! I'm ashamed to have missed that one, actually - good call, Joy. :)

Fraukow said...

Thanks, I have my shopping list for the week!

sister k said...

zucchini bread for dessert? Quick chocolate milk on "Q" night? i think "I" "P" & "S" nights would be some of my favorites :)

Tante Heidi said...

This is such a fun subject I had to add my two cents.
You can get some ideas on epicurious.com

Go to the Food Dictionary and click on the letter of your choice and VOILA, lots of ideas for recipes.

Z also stands for:
Zuppa, Zungenwurst, Zwieback

Queso Blanco

I'd skip X and go straight to Y :)