Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Will wonders never cease

Last night upon going to bed, I turned on my bedside table lamp, which revealed a note written on a tissure (readily available on the bedside table). The note said: I heart u. I knew who had written it, but not when. My lovely 6 year old son (yes male) Lucas had left it for me. He likes to leave little notes. Even before he could actually write words he would scrible lines on a paper and tuck it in my purse or my husband's shoe. This same child took my husband's wallet without asking and put it under his pillow for the toothfairy. After the panic and the stern discussion on why this was not a good thing to do, the thought did occur that this was yet another sweet jesture. My mother says she frequently finds trains, trucks and other little toys tucked in cupboards and closets after Lucas has been there. Andrew's precious stuffed dog Dudley has been secreted away as well. It is frequently vexing, but more often very enduring. I shall really regret the day he out grows this. I honestly hope he never does and should make a point of encouraging it.

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Anonymous said...

Lucas totally wins sweetest cousin! Gentle, too - it's hard to write on tissues!