Friday, November 10, 2006


I got my first unwanted comment today. Another internet advertisement. As if the pop-ups and ads on every web page weren't enough. Now they have invaded my poor little blog! Nothing will make me as mad as when I got spywared! I was just too premenstral to handle it politely. Thank heaven my brother knows me well enough and calmed me down and helped me fix those evil doers! However, the past month I have received 3 phone calls a day from various people (Laura Bush, Jim Kelly, political morons) trying to get my vote - this of course only made me not vote for them. I got a call on the Fri the 13th when we had the big storm that took out power to everyone in WNY. I flipped on the poor woman. She says "This is so and so calling for Jack Davis.." I replied (in a very nasty tone). "You have got to be kidding me! We have no power and you want to talk about politics! GET A LIFE!!" and slammed down the phone. My husbands says "Who was that dear?" (in a pleasant tone). I fummed about how f***ing stupid politicians are. Unfortunately they didn't get the point. I did get a live person taking a survey on ads and phone calls, who was looking for commentary - boy did she get some! Sigh. If people didn't purchase from this irrating ads they wouldn't have any reason to continue them! Stop the madness!! (he he)

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