Friday, December 15, 2006

Greeting Cards

The hoildays are here and with them come many things, good and bad. One of the good is getting Xmas cards! It is so fun to receive snail mail that isn't a bill or another credit card application or some hideous catalog you would never buy from! The variety is SO big. There are the humorous ones with reindeer doing inappropriate things, the religious ones, the ones you can tell cost 50 cents for 900 at the dollar store and home made ones. Home made come in the Martha Stewart crafty self-made, the photo shop or the holiday letter. I love the photos, which is why I chose to do that for us every year. There are many people on our list that we don't get to see and they enjoy seeing how the kids have grown. This wasn't too hard a decision to make dispite the crafty history of card making in the family. I'm the one who can't draw. My mother took up what my great-grandfather Seedy started and draws her card every year. Everyone in the family is represented and the image is always fun! This has several down sides, but she overcomes that every year too. My brother and my cousin Kim also draw their cards. We receive only a couple of cards with letters - luckily none are boring! My friend gingersnapspice 's is so clever, it's as looked forward to as my mother's! After the card has been read, my mother started a tradition of hanging the cards around the livingroom entrance way. It is a lovely way to display them and a good way to know how popular you are! And finally, when the decorations come down, the card fronts are separated from the backs and used as labels for next years Xmas presents! So many good things from a small piece of folded paper!

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