Sunday, December 03, 2006

Shaken, not stirred

I am more than willing to admit I am a James Bond fan. Enough so, that I have even tried reading one of Sir Ian Fleming's books, but found the excruciating details a tad boring. (I may need to try again considering that was 16 years ago!) I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newest movie. No, the blond hair didn't bother me - it did make me want to learn more about Daniel Craig - if they chose him, he must be good, what else has he done. That is just the sort of train of thought that leads me to seeing movies no one else does and having lots of useless knowledge. I did find he was worth watching - dispite some odd scripts and was all the more eager to see the newest verion of Casino Royale. I was finally able to see it last night and was definately NOT disappointed!! Less polish, more grit, but all still pure Bond. Usually a Bond movie is fun and quickly forgotten, this one seems to lingure. I'd go see it again at full price. It's the longest Bond ever filmed, and you hardly notice. I am now looking forward to owning it!

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Navilyn said...

Here, here! Daniel Craig did a brilliant job, and to be honest am not sure the is another man present who could 'do Bond!'.

I hope the DVD comes with lots, and lots of extra's..