Sunday, August 27, 2006


If you ask most people who have known me for a long time about my new job, they will laugh and say that it's probably the last job they would have ever picture me having. My brother is highly disappointed that my head hasn't exploded. I certainly never figured that one day I would be a church secretary. But, I am finding that not only do I truly enjoy what I'm doing, but I seem to be just the right person for this job. It probably has a great deal to do with the fact that I have fallen in love with our church. It took me by surprise several years ago when we started attending this church. I had always felt uncomfortable and out of place in a church setting, and for the first time, I really enjoyed the whole church going experience. I found myself getting more and more invovled with all sorts of activites. However, for the last few years we have had a pastor that was not to my (or most of the church member's) fancy. 2 weeks ago a new pastor arrived. I had been getting to know her - from the secretary stand point - through e-mails and had great hope she would be just what we needed. It's alot of pressure on someone to be everything a church needs, but today, today there was laughter in the pews. A sound that has been missing from our services for FAR too long. If this is all the good that happens(which I just KNOW it won't be) it is really great. It's still surprises me how much of a family this congregation has become to me, it truly filled my heart with joy to hear the sound of their laughter. I look forward to it happening again very soon and with much greater frequency.

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