Monday, August 07, 2006

Worm Race

I was flipping through the Penny Saver, not expecting to find anything (as usual) when I came across an ad for a "Worm Race". 5th annual at Louie's Lounge, worms will be available or you can bring your own. Hot dogs and hamburgers provided. I said, "We SOO need to go to that!" And we did. I have never laughed so hard with complete strangers in my life. I'm not sure if my boys had more fun than I did. They both came in 2nd place and earned $10 (it was $5 a worm to enter, a tad steep in my book, but far too late to get out of by then). The fun continued for at least week. Starting with discussions of what type of worm they would look for next year as we drove away, to telling all our family and friends we had been to a Worm Race, and finally to spending the winnings on new toys! This is a prime example of how my life usually goes. Something different turns out to be great, my husband even grudingly agreed this was fun. So that's the reason behind the name of the blog. Like anyone really cares, but hey, who needs them to anyway!

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