Friday, August 11, 2006

What ever happened to manners?

What is wrong with people today? A large group of obviously extremely angry people decided to devise a way to make a bomb while on their flight from London to JFK. Which has them in jail for life and me unable to take mascara with me on my flight to NYC tomorrow. It's just so damn rude! What purpose does it serve to blow up a plane while you're on it? What do these really angry people actaully hope to gain? World domination? Spiritual peace? A big smelly mess? What were their parents doing while they were raising these desperately- in- need- of- anger- managment- classes kids? I mean even major sickos like Jeffery Dahmer accomplished more pain that keeping the world from being able to travel with their shampoo bottles. And what happened to the "Rules of Engagement"? The Japanese had enough honor to attack a military base when they decided we americans were all evil and needed to be wiped off the planet. Lack of good parenting is causing so many more problems than the death of chivalry. Etiquitte Schools need to be brought back and set up all over the world. Teaching people to disagree in a civilized manner. Teaching people to simply say, "I may find everything about who and what you are completely repulsive, but you are not causing me, my family or frankly anyone harm, so go about you creepy business."
Sigh. If only people could just lighten up!

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