Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Me?

Okay, so I've started my third part-time job. When I said I would take it, the lady who will be my boss did a happy dances Oh, how very nice (I guess that filing and paper shredding was really tedious!)! And according to one of the half a dozen people I met today, she is being doing more happy dances! Still very nice! I did some training today, I'm not feeling too overwhelmed yet. So far it's stuff I can understand. Did some work from home to make sure the connections were working right and such. Somehow my boss made the comment "That's because you're so calm." I laughed and said, "Who me?" "Yes, that's one of the reasons I like you, because you're so calm." I refrained from snorting in her ear and am still trying to digest someone could honestly refer to me that way! My husband's reaction to this story was "Who You?I guess you're getting calmer in your old age." Gee thanks honey!
Sometimes you're life is so full of blessings that it's all you can do not to skip everywhere while laughing gleefully!

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