Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Okay, so I have two jobs on top of being a mom and wife, and I have just been offered a third. Should be easy, and possibly short term. I'll have to dress nice (yeah!), go downtown Buffalo (fun!), and pay for parking (yuck). However, it means that I will have to stop taking my grandmother's best friend out, once every two weeks, to run her errands. But we're planning a trip to Disney in May, I have a credit card I'd like to pay off, and Xmas is coming (not to mention my pedicure addiction that can always use funding). Does it make me a bad person to think "WoHoo! This could be so fun! I finally feel like I could be an adult with a real job!(part-time temporarily)" Or should I feel guilty for leaving an 88 year old woman to her own defenses? Got any suggestions?


karen said...

Oh, that's a toughie. Certainly an easy call on your budget and a nice boost for your spirits to go out to work...but perhaps hard on your heart. I'm not sure which way to vote! How 'temporary' is temporary? And would the pay from the new job more than cover costs of having to dress well for it (as well as parking & gas, etc)?

Fraukow said...

It will go thru at least the end of Dec - at which time they will decide whether or not they still need me. They are paying me more than enough to cover gas and will pay for my parking fees. I will get to bring a laptop home to be sure I get the 20hrs they hired me for in. Obviously, I took the job and am excited about it. Just say a prayer I have enough energy for it, and that Carolyn understands.