Sunday, October 05, 2008 my computer trying to stay awake

Smelling... the toast ready for my fluffanutter sandwich

Drinking... ice cold water - soon chocolate milk

Reading... about to start "Too Close to the Falls"

Loving... the gorgeous fall colors out my window

Eagerly anticipating....the book I just ordered from the library, the movie from Netflix and another day to myself

Worrying.... about the state of the economy, and that my toast is now burnt because I'm still here typing

Wishing.... I had a maid who would make that sandwich for me, as well as clean the house, do the laundry and plan next weeks' meals

Praying... that the life I lead full of SOOO many blessings continues right along

Grateful...for healthy children, a loving marriage, the greatest parents, family, friends, a life full of more blessings than I have time to count little thoughts with those who care to read them

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