Wednesday, September 20, 2006

2 Babies & 2 Weddings

Being married to a man with 9 siblings has many benefits. I am quite lucky to actually like my in-laws, whereas so many people I know can't even look at theirs! One of the benefits, there is usually someone in the family who can help with whatever it is you need. Accounting, noterizing, bulldozing, and definately pouring cement! That hardly compares, however, to the great recipes, advice, babysitting, and plain old lending a hand that is always available. But, by far, my favorite thing about a big family is the big amount of celebrating you get to do. Currently we are celebrating the arrival of nephew Noah Daniel Stoffel, born Sept.19th to Dana & Bob; awaiting the arrival of a great-neice or nephew due in April to Jennifer & TJ; the wedding of Annie and Henry November 18th, 2006; and the wedding of Sara and Mike July 18th, 2008! So much to look forward to, so many reasons to buy a new dress(or maybe just shoes!) and to shop for baby things! HOORAY for big families!!!

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