Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Anticipation (yes, I do have the song running through my head). Anticipation of what comes tomorrow. For my boys, it means a back to school with a new teacher and classmates. Lucas moves to the second floor and looses nap time. Andrew moves to the third floor , gets a locker for the first time and gets to have science class with Cool Mr. David! And me, I will finally have more than a couple of minutes quiet around the house. Giving me time to truly clean and nap and stare at the walls. Of course, this will have to be sandwiched between working 2 days a week, lunching and errand running with an elderly friend once a week, taking care of a dog who really would be much happier if I could put her in a papoose and take her everywhere and doing the normal household things like laundry, cooking, getting the oil changed in all 3 vechiles and preparing for the upcoming winter months! ( all three boys need new boots, pants and 1 needs a yellow winter coat). So, for the hubby, tomorrow is just another work day, for the boys, it's a new school year, and for me, it's the window of opportunity to blissful solitude! Feeling like Greta Garbo anyone? ( "I vant to be left alone.")

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