Sunday, September 10, 2006

History of Kissing in Movies

So we were watching a recommended movie last night. "Darby O'Gill and the Little People'. Definately worth watching, if for no other reason than to hear Sean Connery sing with a full head of black hair blowing in the breeze. ( that dude's got to be made about going bald after that head of hair!) There is a short, but sweet whooper of a kiss which got me thinking. Just what is the history of kissing in movies? From Valentino as the Shiek to the upside-down in the rain kiss in Spiderman (which Toby McGuire said was well worth the water up his nose). MTV has their own award for the best on screen kiss (The Lakehouse won this year) and frequently on screen action is brought up in interviews (usually when the actor is married to the director who is filming a love scene with some other actor). There is even an italian movie about on screen kisses (EVXTREMELY worth seeing!) Cinema Paradiso (sp?) where the town priest edits the kissing out of the movie before the town is allowed to view it. Kisses are usually a climatic part of a film - yes!finally the characters are together - or they can be sad goodbyes or celebrations of achievement. Mimicing real life but always managing to appear more specatacular. So what's your favorite on screen kiss and why? Mine? sigh, I could never choose! Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Working Girl , Princess Bride, Dear Frankie, Persuasion, For Love of the Game, To Have and to Have Not, .... the list goes on and could include TV but we just don't have the time or space.

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