Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fall Season

I love this time of year. Not just for the quiet of the house with the kids back in school, nor for the incredible beauty of the changing foliage. Not just for the fact I have been able to wear my new and totally favorite coat ever! But because it is the beginning of a new season of TV shows. Yes, I realize I appear to be obsessed with visual entertainment, and it's not to far from the truth. I do include reading - and can often be caught reading a book and watching sereval TV shows at the same time. (no, I do not have ADD). House MD is a fav - so good my hubby will watch it with me and is thrilled at the 8 pm start time, so he can still get to bed early. Looking forward to Grey's Anatomy and our guilty pleasures America's New Top Model & Desperate Housewives. But am also hopeful for a couple of others starting soon : Studio 60 by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame and possibly Men in Trees or Brothers & Sisters. Some of the ones that look the most interesting never get off the ground, some never find an audience even though they deserve it, and some will fizzle out fast because the writers burn out quick. If I could only find a way to make a profit out of my love of entertainment, not only would I truly love the job, but my husband might learn to appreciate my narrow scope of knowledge!

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