Thursday, September 07, 2006

91 Pine Street

The house I grew up in ( 2nd grade and up) was located at 91 Pine street. Great house, lots of character, neighborhood full of kids around my age and in a great town. (Thanks lots Mom & Dad!) I haven't lived in that house for 11 years, and yet wherever I dream anything that has to do with a house, it's always there. I didn't dream about the house while I lived there, but the minute I moved out, I started. It boggles me a bit. Do I just have a lasting attachment? (understandable) or is it something else? Will I dream about the house I live in now if and when we move? Does this happen to other people? What about people who move frequently? I often have a dream I wish I could understand better. I have nightmares about public restrooms, and still have bad dreams about school. There is so very much of the brain that is unknown.


Anonymous said...

What we dream is often a result of our mood as we drift off to sleep. If you feel pleasant when we fall to sleep, we are prone to have comforting or wholesome dreams. The opposite is also true. There are several books out that attempt to explain our dreams. Most noteable is Our Dreams, Our Screams by Grolch.

Fraukow said...

thanks hubby for the lovely comment