Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my wonderful son Andrew! He turns eight years old today! I can't believe how grown up he is already. He makes me so proud and I am so lucky to have him! Andrew shares his birthday with Google - who also turns eight today! If that's not a sign of good things to come then I don't know what is! I love you Andrew!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

2 Babies & 2 Weddings

Being married to a man with 9 siblings has many benefits. I am quite lucky to actually like my in-laws, whereas so many people I know can't even look at theirs! One of the benefits, there is usually someone in the family who can help with whatever it is you need. Accounting, noterizing, bulldozing, and definately pouring cement! That hardly compares, however, to the great recipes, advice, babysitting, and plain old lending a hand that is always available. But, by far, my favorite thing about a big family is the big amount of celebrating you get to do. Currently we are celebrating the arrival of nephew Noah Daniel Stoffel, born Sept.19th to Dana & Bob; awaiting the arrival of a great-neice or nephew due in April to Jennifer & TJ; the wedding of Annie and Henry November 18th, 2006; and the wedding of Sara and Mike July 18th, 2008! So much to look forward to, so many reasons to buy a new dress(or maybe just shoes!) and to shop for baby things! HOORAY for big families!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fall Season

I love this time of year. Not just for the quiet of the house with the kids back in school, nor for the incredible beauty of the changing foliage. Not just for the fact I have been able to wear my new and totally favorite coat ever! But because it is the beginning of a new season of TV shows. Yes, I realize I appear to be obsessed with visual entertainment, and it's not to far from the truth. I do include reading - and can often be caught reading a book and watching sereval TV shows at the same time. (no, I do not have ADD). House MD is a fav - so good my hubby will watch it with me and is thrilled at the 8 pm start time, so he can still get to bed early. Looking forward to Grey's Anatomy and our guilty pleasures America's New Top Model & Desperate Housewives. But am also hopeful for a couple of others starting soon : Studio 60 by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame and possibly Men in Trees or Brothers & Sisters. Some of the ones that look the most interesting never get off the ground, some never find an audience even though they deserve it, and some will fizzle out fast because the writers burn out quick. If I could only find a way to make a profit out of my love of entertainment, not only would I truly love the job, but my husband might learn to appreciate my narrow scope of knowledge!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

History of Kissing in Movies

So we were watching a recommended movie last night. "Darby O'Gill and the Little People'. Definately worth watching, if for no other reason than to hear Sean Connery sing with a full head of black hair blowing in the breeze. ( that dude's got to be made about going bald after that head of hair!) There is a short, but sweet whooper of a kiss which got me thinking. Just what is the history of kissing in movies? From Valentino as the Shiek to the upside-down in the rain kiss in Spiderman (which Toby McGuire said was well worth the water up his nose). MTV has their own award for the best on screen kiss (The Lakehouse won this year) and frequently on screen action is brought up in interviews (usually when the actor is married to the director who is filming a love scene with some other actor). There is even an italian movie about on screen kisses (EVXTREMELY worth seeing!) Cinema Paradiso (sp?) where the town priest edits the kissing out of the movie before the town is allowed to view it. Kisses are usually a climatic part of a film - yes!finally the characters are together - or they can be sad goodbyes or celebrations of achievement. Mimicing real life but always managing to appear more specatacular. So what's your favorite on screen kiss and why? Mine? sigh, I could never choose! Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Working Girl , Princess Bride, Dear Frankie, Persuasion, For Love of the Game, To Have and to Have Not, .... the list goes on and could include TV but we just don't have the time or space.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

91 Pine Street

The house I grew up in ( 2nd grade and up) was located at 91 Pine street. Great house, lots of character, neighborhood full of kids around my age and in a great town. (Thanks lots Mom & Dad!) I haven't lived in that house for 11 years, and yet wherever I dream anything that has to do with a house, it's always there. I didn't dream about the house while I lived there, but the minute I moved out, I started. It boggles me a bit. Do I just have a lasting attachment? (understandable) or is it something else? Will I dream about the house I live in now if and when we move? Does this happen to other people? What about people who move frequently? I often have a dream I wish I could understand better. I have nightmares about public restrooms, and still have bad dreams about school. There is so very much of the brain that is unknown.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Anticipation (yes, I do have the song running through my head). Anticipation of what comes tomorrow. For my boys, it means a back to school with a new teacher and classmates. Lucas moves to the second floor and looses nap time. Andrew moves to the third floor , gets a locker for the first time and gets to have science class with Cool Mr. David! And me, I will finally have more than a couple of minutes quiet around the house. Giving me time to truly clean and nap and stare at the walls. Of course, this will have to be sandwiched between working 2 days a week, lunching and errand running with an elderly friend once a week, taking care of a dog who really would be much happier if I could put her in a papoose and take her everywhere and doing the normal household things like laundry, cooking, getting the oil changed in all 3 vechiles and preparing for the upcoming winter months! ( all three boys need new boots, pants and 1 needs a yellow winter coat). So, for the hubby, tomorrow is just another work day, for the boys, it's a new school year, and for me, it's the window of opportunity to blissful solitude! Feeling like Greta Garbo anyone? ( "I vant to be left alone.")